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GDZ: In few lines, can you describe for all the interview readers the music of Paganus?
Markus: Extreme heaviness, massive doomy soundscapes, evil shades in the corner of your vision, raw fucking power. Or just DOOM METAL.

GDZ: Now, use at least three adjectives to describe the essence of your debut album.
Markus: Anthropomorphic personification of evil

GDZ: What’s the history behind the election of the name of the band “Paganus”?
Markus: The latin word paganus means a country dweller in english. It plainly describes where we come from and who we are.

GDZ: No offense, but IMHO Paganus tunes sounds “simple” in concept, but in contrast, tracks are like a direct punch, amazingly powerful, and rich in background details… Paganus transmits unique feelings, with its slowly atmospheres, noises, and repeating melodies… but what’s more important for yours when jamming a song.. the structure of the song, or your sensations, feelings about the music that plays in this moment.
Markus: First comes the feeling what the music gives, then maybe the structure.

GDZ: My favourite song of your release is Stab, the fourth track, because its beginning and ending are very apocalyptical. What’s your favourite track, and why?
Markus: I don’t have a certain favorite song on our album, but if I have to choose one I’d say “Paganus”, because it’s one of our very first songs, and it’s fun to play live.

SAMPLER: [flash]

GDZ: I ordered your album in your webpage via eBay link, but I haven’t received my copy yet. Tell me about the lyrics nature of your songs.
Markus: I get my lyrical inspirations from every day life, from the dark side of it. I like to play with different themes. Occultism and for example different mythologies are a great source of inspiration. I like to create these dark & evil bukowskian stories.

GDZ: The final result of your debut album is awesome. All the songs sound very compact and you did a good work at production. Tell me about the production process of Paganus album.
Markus: The songs on the debut are quite old, and the production process was quite easy to us. In the studio we came up with some new compositions that seemed to work, so the songs on the album differ a little bit compared to how we play them live.

GDZ: Markus, I really like your work on vocals. Do you use some vocal effects? Or, do you only use your vocal chords to generate this crispy grunts?
Markus: Cheers. I don’t use any effects, but sometimes Mikko samples my vocals and uses them to create some background noise.

GDZ: Noise samples are incredible, I like so much Mikko’s work. His contribution adds some different essence to Paganus sound. What’s your opinion about Mikko’s work?
Markus: His work brings great dimension to our music. And in the future I think there should be more of his work in our songs.

GDZ: How is your relationship with your actual label Totalrust? Do you have an album/s contract with them? They’re a great underground label with good bands like yours, Volition, Highgate… In the past, was any other label interested in release your debut album? If so, why did you choose Totalrust?
Markus: Our relationship with Totalrust could not be better. The mastermind behind Totalrust, Gad, has done a great job with our debut. We had a few contacts from different labels, but Totalrusts made the best offer.

GDZ: When I make an interview always repeat the same question about Internet Downloads, because I’m so interested in artist’s opinion. What’s your opinion about music business? Do illegal downloads benefit the artist, because much people have access to our music, or simply rip your work?
Markus: I think huge multinational record labels rip off people more than downloading music for free.

GDZ: Do you have plans for a tour or do you only play some gigs in your country to promote Paganus? (If you will play in October-November, I’ll visit your country again, and I’ll try to go to one of your gigs :) )
Markus: We don’t have any plans for a tour or any new shows for this year. If something appears, maybe we’ll do a show or two. Maybe not.

GDZ: Finally, can you reveal me some plans for Paganus future…
Markus: We are now concentrating to produce new songs, and hopefully we’ll be able to record them at the end of the summer.

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