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Few months ago, I reviewed the first album of Kauan Lumikuuro, and I received a surprise, Anton the leader of the Russian band, wrote a comment about his album in my zine, few days later, I emailed him and offered an interview, He accepted but with one little request, when I wrote the questions, and when He wrote the answers, both must heard Iceland band Sigur Ros, but only three specific songs “Glósóli”,”Hoppípolla” and “Gong”, to create one unique atmosphere; This is the reason why I`m publish the interview with this three particular songs, to recreate the same atmosphere when yours reading the interview. Enjoy It!

GDZ: Can you define Kauan music?
ANTON: Maybe It`s something between Doom Metal and Post Rock… I Don’t know… Many people hear Folk and Black in Kauan. Hah, I played flute and vargan (mounth harp) in the end of Savu (4th song on Lumikuuro) and all rewiews said: “It is Folk/Doom/Black”. On next album there will be a shamanic drum “Buben” (i don’t know the right word in English) between songs, so Kauan can become “Shamanic doom”. It will be interesting.

GDZ: Why all your songs lyrics are written in suomi, If isn`t your native lenguage?
ANTON: I just like this language. BTW, I think Finnish it`s a language which can give to you, not only sense on lyrics. Finnish also can give you a sound, It’s very cool for musicians whose want to show just atmosphere in voices.

GDZ: Do you speak suomi?… or someone translate Russian lyrics into suomi.
ANTON: On the next album there will be translations to Finnish by Juha Kuusela. He is our Finnish Myspace web-master and friend!

GDZ: Your band name “Kauan”, means “Time” in English, Why chosen this name to the band?
ANTON: “Kauan” means exactly “for a long time”. Just reflect: if you are waiting for something – you hope that this expectation moment will be short, however the longer it is – more pleasant to see result. So my Kauan is a big time interval of expectation of something…

GDZ: When yours jamming a song, What`s most important?? The music itself or the song feelings.
ANTON: All my music are feelings and dreamings. When you see something in invented worlds, this “something” must have a real environment – I give them it.

GDZ: Tell me about the Lumikuuro recording sessions, leitmotivs, feelings….
ANTON: When We started to record Lumikuuro – We Didn’t know if these songs were going to be released. We were just writing them for ourselves. The name Kauan came later. So when We had recorded 6 songs, We sent them to the label Solitude Prods, and they liked them. After that, We understood that We must take a name and our songs need to take an environment… and We gave it, Lumikuuro. Some songs Didn’t come to album (for many reasons), but I hope these songs will come to Kauan’s re-release of Lumikuuro in digipack.

GDZ: Your favourite song of Lumikuuro is… why?…
ANTON: Hm… maybe Koivun Elama. This song is more near for the new album. In this song, I was released all my knowledges about keyboards and eclectic styles.

GDZ: IMHO Lumikuuro sounds like a mix between Early Katatonia, FolkNoir masters Tenhi and Empyrium… In your opinion Which are the bands who influence your music?
ANTON: I don’t know, who give us influence. I just can tell which bands, was listened in our recording sessions: Moonsorrow (Verisaaket), David Gilmour, A-ha, Carpathian Forest, Coldplay. Now I’m listening Nuria, Halo Manash, Subaudition, Marja Mattlar… And friends from myspace.com: Alcest, Harmaja, Tenhi, Moon Far Away, Nest…

GDZ: How is your relationship with your actual label BadMoodMan? a sublabel of russian Solitude Prod. Do you have a contract with them or BadMoodMan only distributes your releases?
ANTON: Yes, I have a contract. BMM Music help us so much. They making their work, but for soul, not for money…

GDZ: Russian extreme metal scene are growing fastly, recommend me any interesting band.
ANTON: Sorry, but I don’t like Russian scene. And I can`t recommend good bands… We have many nice bands who play Death, Thrash, Grind, Brutal, Black. But I was gone from these styles and don’t listen them now. Some bands come to my home studio for mixing and mastering. It’s Black, Power and Speed metal bands, but I can`t find a nice lines in their music. I really like Chill-out Russian DJ’s, Acid Jazz and Lounge styles.

Kauan Banda

GDZ: What`s your opinion about music business? Illegal downloads benefits the artist, because much people have access to our music or simply rip your work? Terrible question, I know :) I don`t lie, First I`m downloaded your album on internet, but when I heard almost three times, I`ll ordered to the Solitude Prod shop. only 6 € great deal XP.
ANTON: So, Mp3 is like a sacrifice for XXI Century. Mp3 and Internet – are general things in process of popularization… I know statistics. Then free mp3’s was born in internet, CD sales of POP-musicians was fall on 30%. It`s very bad for big names and rich music business… I regret this producers who working in such styles. This turn is awful… But… But metal and other underground music don’t feel this turn, because people who listen these styles know the real value of original CD’s. They bought, buy and will buy… It’s right of fair person – if you like mp3’s of any band – buy a CD. But another problem have come to us. For example my city. Isn`t a big city in Russia. And I can’t buy any CD what I want! Cause in our shops we haven`t many choices, only big and old productions…

GDZ: Your next album Tietäjän Laulu will arrive in 2008, can you tell me something about this new record.
ANTON: Album is very conceptual! Three worlds in it: Grey (world of sorrow), Green (world there all alright) and Yellow (empty, fallen world). 6 songs – 3 on Russian, 3 on finnish. Lyrics for this album was write one poet from St.Petersburg, Juha was translate it. Today, I done the recording of instruments and this weekend, I’ll start to write vocals. I hope I done it on next week, and album will go to mixing and mastering. So you can wait Tietäjän Laulu release on April or May this year.

GDZ: And finally Tell me something about the future of Kauan…
ANTON: I Don’t know now… Maybe We get a full line-up and make several concerts on Ucraine and all countries where we will invite us! And… I’m in a few another projects. First one is something between Abruptum and Dolorian and Second project is folk metal like Moonsorrow, but with Russian folk accent.

GDZ: Good Luck Anton with our new album.
ANTON: All good for you and your portal!.

If you can`t understand some questions or sentences, Sorry for our rusted English, Our English isn`t fluent :)

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  1. March 24, 2008

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  2. neroveleno
    March 24, 2008

    Good stuff.. don’t worry about english.. everything was just fine.. thanks for this :)

  3. March 24, 2008

    Hei neroveleno!
    Thx for your comment ;)

  4. March 28, 2008

    very nice interview :)
    i love this album, one of the best i heard in 2007. i’m really looking forward to the next one.
    congrats and good luck with the zine! :)

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