Criticas A-M


    A Storm Of Light – And We Kept The Black Ocean Within
    Aarni – Tohcoth
    AATHMA – The Call Of Shivá
    Abandon – The Dead End
    Ablaze In Hatred – The Quietude Plains
    Acid Witch – Witchtanic Hellucinations
    Across Tundras – Western Sky Ride
    Adrift – Monolito
    Aethenor – Betimes Black Cloudmasses
    Ahab – The Divinity Of Oceans
    Ahleuchatistas – Of The Body Prone
    Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker – Fantasma Parastasie
    Akercocke – Antichrist
    Agalloch – The White
    Agua De Annique – Air
    Alamaailman Vasarat – Huuro Kolkko
    Alcest – Souvenirs D`Un Autre Monde
    Altar Of Plagues – White Tomb
    AmenRa – Mass IIII
    Amesoeurs – Amesoeurs
    Amoral – Decrowning
    Amoral – Reptile Ride
    Amorphis – Eclipse
    Amorphis – Silent Waters
    Ancestors – Neptune With Fire
    And So I Watch You From Afar – And So I Watch You From Afar
    Antigua Y Barbuda – Try Future
    Antimatter – Leaving Eden
    Apostle Of Solitude – Sincerest Misery
    Arachnotaur – Slo=w Pertinacious Threnody On The Abnegation Of Succour
    Arcturus – Aspera Hiems Symfonia
    Ari Koivunen – Becoming
    Armon Kuilu – Armon Kuilu
    Arve Henriksen – Cartography
    Ascend – Ample Fire Within
    Ashes And Iron – Silens
    Astra – The Weirding
    Asva – What You Don`t Know Is Frontier
    At The Gates – With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness
    At The Soundawn – Red Squares
    Ataraxie – Slow Trascending Agony
    Ataraxie – Anhedonie
    Atrox – Binocular
    Autopsy – Severed Survival


    Baroness – Red Album
    Battlelore – Evernight
    Beirüth – Horizonte De Sucesos
    Bethlehem – A Sacrificial Offering To The Kingdom Of Heaven In A Cracked Dog`s Ear
    Beyond Sensory Experience – No Light In Our Eyes
    Big Business – Mind The Drift
    Bird From The Abyss – I
    Birds Of Prey – Sulfur And Semen
    Birds Of Prey – The Hellpreacher
    Black Math Horseman – Wylt
    Black Moth Super Rainbow – Eating Us
    Black Mountain – In The Future
    Black Pyramid – Black Pyramid
    BlackTusk – Passage Through Purgatory
    Blind Melon – For My Friends
    Bloodbath – Unblessing The Purity
    Bloodbath – The Fathomless Mastery
    Blood Ceremony – Blood Ceremony
    Blood Of The Black Owl – A Feral Spirit
    Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore – Dolores
    Bolt Thrower – Those Once Loyal
    Boris – Smile
    Bossk – I
    Brant Bjork – Punk Rock Guilt
    Burning Witch – Crippled Lucifer
    Burst – Lazarus Bird


    Caïna – Temporary Antennae
    Caldera – Mist Through Your Consciousness
    Calexico – Carried To Dust
    Callisto – Providence
    Candlemass – King Of The Grey Islands
    Candlemass – Death Magic Doom
    Capricorns – River, Bear Your Bones
    Carla Bozulich – Evangelista
    Cave – Psychic Psummer
    Celan – Halo
    Celestine – This Home Will Be Our Grave
    Centaurus-A – Side Effects Expected
    Centurions Ghost – The Great Work
    Christel Alsos – Closing The Distance
    Church Of Misery – Houses Of The Unholy
    Circle – Hollywood
    Clutch – Strange Cousins From The West
    Cobalt – Gin
    Coffins – Buried Death
    Coldworld – Melancholie²
    Colosseum – Chapter II: Numquam
    Colour Haze – All
    Constants – The Foundation, The Machine, The Ascension
    Corrupted – Vasana
    Cough – Sigilum Luciferi
    Crematory – Pray
    Crimfall – As The Path Unfolds
    Cuerno – Cuerno
    Cult Of Luna – Eternal Kingdom
    Cuzo – Amor Y Muerte En La Tercera Fase
    Cynic – Traced In Air


    Daturah – Reverie
    Dark Castle – Spirited Migration
    Dark The Suns – All End In Silence
    Dark Tranquillity – Fiction
    Day Without Dawn – Understanding Consequences
    Daylight Dies – Dismantling Devotion
    Daylight Dies – Lost To The Living
    Deadbird – Twilight Ritual
    Deadmask – Under Luciferian Wings
    Dead Meadow – Old Growth
    Declan De Barra – A Fire To Scare The Sun
    Den Saakaldte – Øl, Mørke Og Depresjon
    Demiurg – The Hate Chamber
    Depressed Mode – …For Death
    Diablo – Icaros
    Diablo Swing Orchestra – Sing Along Songs For The Damned & Delirious
    Diabolical Masquerade – Nightwork
    Diabolique – Wedding The Grotesque
    Diagonal – Diagonal
    Dinosaur Jr. – Farm
    Disfear – Live The Storm
    Dishammer – Vintage Addiction
    Dismember – The God That Never Was
    Dismember – Dismember
    Dissolving Of Prodigy – Štvanice
    DoomVs – Dead Words Speak
    Down – III Over The Under
    Downliners Sekt – The Saltire Wave
    Dozer – Beyond Colossal
    Draconian – Turning Season Within
    Duelectrum – Electrolandia


    Earth – The Bees Made Honey In The Lion`s Skull
    East Of The Wall – Farmer`s Almanac
    EbonyLake – On The Eve Of The Grimly Inventive
    Ehnahre – The Man Closing Up
    Eibon – Eibon
    El Ego – Winds Of Glory
    El Páramo – El Páramo
    Elder – Elder
    Eleanoora Rosenholm – Vainajan Muotokuva
    Electric Wizard – Witchcult Today
    Electrozombies – He Visto
    Elend – A World In Their Screams
    Eluveitie – Slania
    Ender – Ender
    En Plein Air – L’alba Irradia l’inutile Parola
    Entombed – Serpent Saints
    Enslaved – Ruun
    Enslaved – Vertebrae
    Ephel Duath – Through My Dog`s Eyes
    Ereb Altor – By Honour
    Esoteric – The Maniacal Vale
    Evangelista – Hello, Voyager!
    Evoken – A Caress Of The Void


    Faal – Abhorrence Salvation
    Fall Of Efrafa – Inlé
    Fall Of The Idols – The Séance
    Fen – The Malediction Fields
    Feos – Katastasi EP
    Final – Dead Air
    Finntroll – Ur Jodens Djup
    Fleurety – Department Of Apocalyptic Affairs
    Flood – Native
    Fog In The Shell – Private South
    Forest Of Shadows – Six Waves Of Woe
    Frogskin – Frogskin
    From Monument To Masses – On Little Known Frequencies
    Funeral – As The Lights Does The Shadows
    Funeral – From These Wounds


    Ganon – As Above, So Below
    Gargamel – Descending
    Ghost Brigade – Guided By The Fire
    Ghost Brigade – Isolation Songs
    Giants – Old Stories
    Giant Squid – The Ichthyologist
    Gloomy Grim – Under The Spell Of The Unlight
    Goblin Cock – Come With Me If You Want To Live
    God Is An Astronaut – Far From Refuge
    God Is An Astronaut – God Is An Astronaut
    Gojira – From Mars To Sirius
    Gojira – The Way Of All Flesh
    Gorod – Process Of A New Decline
    Grails – Take Refuge In Clean Living
    Grand Magus – Iron Will
    Graveyard – Graveyard
    Green Carnation – The Acoustic Verses
    Gregor Samsa – Over Air
    Grey Daturas – Return To Disruption
    Guapo – Elixirs


    Hacride – Amoeba
    Hacride – Lazarus
    Hail Of Bullets – … Of Frost And War
    Hand Of Fatima – Obake
    Hannu – Harhailua
    Hateform – Dominance
    Hatesphere – Serpent Smiles And Killer Eyes
    Have A Nice Life – Deathconsciousness
    Head Of The Taurus – Demo
    Hebosagil – Colossal
    Heirs -Alchera
    Helms Alee – Night Terror
    Herem – Pulsa diNura
    Her Name Is Calla – The Heritage
    Heroin And Your Veins – Nausea
    Hevoset – Hevoset
    Hey Colossus – Happy Birthday
    High On Fire – Death Is This Communion
    Highgate – Highgate
    Hildur Gudnadóttir – Without Sinking
    Hollenthon – Opus Magnum
    Hombre Malo – The Ecstasy Of Devastation
    Hypothermia – Gratoner


    IAMX – Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction
    If These Trees Could Talk – Above The Earth, Below The Sky
    Ihsahn – AngL
    I Like Trains – The Christmas Tree Ship
    Imindain – And The Living Shall Envy The Dead
    In Mourning – The Shrouded Divine
    Insomnium – Across The Dark
    Intronaut – Prehistoricism
    Irepress – Sol Eye Sea I
    Island – Orakel
    Isole – Bliss Of Solitude
    Isole – Silent Ruins


    Jääportit – Voimasuo
    Janvs – Vega
    Jarboe – Mahakali
    Jarboe & Justin Broadrick – J2
    Jardin De La Croix – Pomeroy
    Jesu – Silver EP
    Jesu – Conqueror
    Jex Thoth – Jex Thoth
    Joan Of Arc – Flowers
    Jodis – Secret House


    Kaki King – Dreaming Of Revenge
    Kalmah – For The Revolution
    Karysun – Interceptor
    Kashiwa Daisuke – 5 Dec
    Katatonia – Brave Murder Day
    Katatonia – My Twin EP
    Katatonia – Night Is The New Day
    Kauan – Lumikuuro
    Kauan – Tietäjän Laulu
    Kayo Dot – Dowsing Anenome With Cooper Tongue
    Kayo Dot – Blue Lambency Downward
    Keelhaul – Thriumphant Return To Obscurity
    Keep Of Kalessin – Kolossus
    Kemialliset Ystävät – Harmaa Laguuni
    Kevin Hufnagel – Songs For The Disappeared
    Khold – Hundre År Gammal
    Khoma – The Second Wave
    Khuda – Stratospherics
    Kill My Bleeding Smile – Kill My Bleeding Smile
    Kiss Kiss – The Meek Shall Inherit What’s Left
    Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat – The Nebulous Dreams
    Kivimetsän Druidi – Shadowheart
    Klimt1918 Just In Case Well Never Meet Again
    Klone – All Seeing Eye
    Korpiklaani – Korven Kuningas
    Kotiteollisuus – Sotakoira
    Kraken Duumvirate – From The Dying Soil To The Eternal Sea
    Krallice – Krallice
    Kurki – Kurki
    Kuusumun Profeetta – Lyhytkuja
    Kylesa – Static Tensions
    KYPCK – Cherno
    Kyuss – Welcome To Sky Valley


    Lair Of The Minotaur – War Metal Battle Master
    Laudanum – The Coronation
    Lau Nau – Nukkuu
    Laura – Yes Maybe No
    L`Elan Vital – The Wink And The Gun
    Lifelover – Konkurs
    LITE – Phantasia
    Loan – Hontziria
    Long Distance Calling – Avoid The Light
    Longing For Dawn – A Treacherous Ascension
    Lords Of Bukkake – Lords Of Bukkake
    Louded – Mugre
    Ludovico Einaudi – Nightbook
    Lumsk – Troll
    Lumsk – Det Vilde Kor
    Lunar Aurora – Andacth
    Lunascape – Innerside
    Lysergene – Critical Mass


    Made Out Of Babies – The Ruiner
    Madder Mortem – Desiderata
    Maegashira – The Stark Arctic
    Mael Mordha – Gealtacht Mael Mórdha
    Manes – How The World Came To And End
    Manufacturer`s Pride – Sound Of God`s Absence
    Mar De Grises – Draining The Waterheart
    Maybeshewill – Not For Want Of Trying
    Maybeshewill – Sing The Word Hope In Four-Part Harmony
    Megasus – Megasus
    Meshuggah – Obzen
    Metallica – Death Magnetic
    Methadrone – Sterility
    Mew – No More Stories…
    Middian – Age Eternal
    Midnattsol – Nordlys
    Minsk – Out Of A Center Which Is Neither Dead Nor Alive
    Minus The Bear – Acoustics
    Misuse – Misuse
    Mogwai – The Hawk Is Howling
    Moho – He Visto La Cruz Al Reves
    Moho – Chotacabra
    Moksha – Moksha
    Monarch – Mer Morte
    Monkeypriest – Defending The Tree
    Mono – Hymn To The Inmortal Wind
    Moon Prototype – Red
    Moonsorrow – Tulimyrsky
    Moonspell – Night Eternal
    Moss – Sub Templum
    Mothlite – The Flax Of Reverie
    Mount Eerie – Wind`s Poem
    Mourners Lament – Unbroken Solemnity
    Mournful Congregation – The June Frost
    Mourning Beloveth – A Disease For The Ages
    Mouth Of The Architect – Quietly
    Mr.Peter Hayden – First Cycle Complete
    MÜL – Rites Of Doom
    Mutyumu – Ilya
    My Dying Bride – For Lies I Sire
    My Shameful – Descent
    My Sleeping Karma – Satya
    Mystic Frequency Worm – … From The Top Of The Sound Mountain